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I was re-reading old translations from LJ and came across one of my faves, say_it_again's translation of Wish Secret Talk in 2005. This is seriously a crack talk.. must read/hear especially the part where they were discussing Matsujun's I-want-to-be-a-King plan. XDD

Two things I've noticed in that talk:

One-- The guys' ability to self-deprecate. I swear! I don't know if they are doing that in a joking manner or they were doing that because that is what they were feeling back then? Uhh. To elaborate-- there are parts in the talk where they were saying that they are not popular, that they are even more popular in Thailand than in Japan (and Johnny was very vocal about this).. that they weren't popular back then even in their HIG years (which was considered their peak).. some excerpts:

N: Why don't you talk about how we'll become popular then?
A: Then in that case I want us to become popular in Japan next year!
N: Become popular in Japan next year!
A: Popular to the point where Johnny-san can't say we're more popular in Thailand
N: So you mean that you want him to say we're more popular in Japan instead?


S: Concerts... I wonder if we'll have any next year...
A: I hope we will...
All: ...(laugh)
S: We're really gloomy
N: But if we really do hold concerts then it'll be great


Major "Ehhh?!!!!" there. Why would doubts of doing cons even came across their minds? They sure are quite gloomy back then huh. ><;

And on a happier note.. and my second observation.. some of Arashi's *wishes* then indeed came true! It really amazed me.. either they have this power to see the future, or they simply are amazing that their wishes were granted in like a snap of a finger! (of course I'd choose to believe the latter! XD). 
ok, ok, not really in just a snap of a finger, but more like a domino-effect thing.. events coming one after the other :D

Wish 1. Go to other places outside Japan...
N: We really haven't been to other Asian countries, ne
S: Maybe for Arashi Summer Tour 2006, locations: Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Busan... [T/N: Busan is a city in South Korea]
All: Hehhhhh~
A: Do we have to jump that far?
N: And arranging Busan right in the middle of the concert tour
All: (laugh)
N: Just casually arranging Busan into it as if nothing happened
A: That's not bad, let's do it!
O: That's really interesting, ne
A: I wish we could really arrange out of country cities into it


S: I hope we can go to places that we've never been to, we still have lots of places in Japan that we haven't been to yet
N: There are more places we haven't been to that we have been to
S: That's why it's not the time to go to other Asian countries right now!

...AND they've been to Thailand, Taiwan, Korea. :D

Wish 2. Hold cons the entire year...

N: I hope we can go to all the prefectures in Japan
S: 47? I wish we can hold concerts the entire year
A: That's not bad
S: Concerts... I wonder if we'll have any next year...

...AND they held cons almost the entire 2006... solo cons, summer con, taiwan con, asia song fest, korea con. :D

Wish 3. Become popular in Japan... (I don't live in Japan, but, wth?! they were not popular in Japan?!!)
N: Why don't you talk about how we'll become popular then?
A: Then in that case I want us to become popular in Japan next year!
N: Become popular in Japan next year!

AND they will be holding cons in 2 domes in 2007.. yatta!!! :D

Oh my. I've only been an Arashi fan Sept 2006 (newbie! newbie!), but I think I'm lucky to witness huge things coming their way one after the other. Of course, it would've been better if I had known them waayyy before, ayt?



Ever heard of LSS/Last Song Syndrome*?

My teammates were checking out my newly-bought iPod video (aptly named Momo-- it was bought due to the fact that I got addicted to mp3s, when before, tuning in to radio suits me fine. But then I got to know about this err.. boyband named Arashi.. well.. that's about it). If you know Arashi, there's a 99% chance that you know who Momo is.. so there!

Anyways, as I said, my teammates were checking out Momo's videos and saw Arashi's performance of LaiLaiLai in Music Station (the 2005-08-05 episode with SMAP). And so far, all of them got the LSS spell after seeing the video!! mwahahaha! I was really laughing so hard because at first they were giving comments-- something like I'm out of this world for listening to songs that I barely understand yadda yadda.. and in a few minutes-- BAM! They were singing "lai-lai-lai, woh-woh-woh!" *rotfl*

Now I'm thinking of sharing the song to the rest of my teammates..hmmm.. and see how many peeps will be haunted by the lai-lai-lai song. *evilgrin*

*LSS/Last Song Syndrome is when you unconsciously repeat the last song you've heard over and over and over again :D



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